Kids Craft Day on Jan. 4th: We helped the children with crafts. This was after our fellowship meal.

There was hot cocoa provided and as you can see from our pictures the kids had fun with

decorating their popcorn balls as well as eating them.


Church Outing on Feb. 22nd: We had pizza, chips and drinks after the service which was provided by the church, then

we got on the road to our outing. We went to the Kids Zone, which as you can see from the pictures everyone had a BLAST!


April 5th We started our new study on the subject of “The Tabernacle.” This study was our Adult Sabbath

School study.  There were handouts and a Power Point presentation with this study. We found out that there

was a lot more to The Tabernacle than one would assume and all the ins and outs of what was done and why it was

done. We enjoyed it immensely.


Church Outings on June 21st: We went to The House of Mystery in Gold Hill. The church paid for admission.

We all had a GREAT TIME! It was amazing. Some weird stuff we saw was golf balls rolling up hill and brooms standing on end

with no one touching them and people that were taller than other people shrink right in front of your eyes. We were so amazed

we forgot to take any pictures. If you ever visit Oregon this is a must see.


Church Family Luncheon on Aug. 5th: Was at Panda Express in Medford, OR. 

We had good food and good fellowship. Good to see all that came.


Church Outing on Oct. 15th: Was our yearly outing to Seven Oaks Farm. There were hay and pony rides and lots of fun.

The adults and children look forward to this outing every year.