January 3rd: We started our Adult Sabbath School Study on Islam and Christianity. We learned a lot about their customs and

some about what they believe. It was informative, but we may look into a more in depth study, as it didn’t touch on some questions we

had. We had handouts and worksheets and a Power Point presentation.


Feb. 28th: We went on our Church Outing to Kids Zone after our fellowship meal, which was pizza

and ice cream sundaes provided by the Church, so we can get on our way to our outing. We go here every year, the kids LOVE IT!!


March 7th: We started our Adult Bible studies on “Women of the Bible” It was a very interesting study .

There were more women spoke about in the Bible than I realized, we started from the Old Testament and

finished up with the New Testament. The Bible is full of women who became unexpected heroines and surprising instruments of God’s story.

These women are like us all: a mixture of strength and weakness, sin and goodness. Their circumstances, struggles,

hopes, and dreams have much to teach us about living a life of faith with God. We had handouts and worksheets and a Power Point presentation.


April 14th Church Family Luncheon: We had it at MATSUKAZE JAPANESE CUISINE.

It was a nice luncheon with GREAT fellowship!! We had a very nice luncheon.


May 9th Church Picnic in the Park: We had our fellowship meal at Redwood Park and brought finger foods;

chips and drinks were provided. We had fun being outside for a little while in the nice weather, fellowshipping with

our congregation.


June 6th: We went to explore G Street after our refreshments. We went to Grants Pass Rx where we had different

kinds of soda mixtures then off to Blind George’s to check out what they had. They did offer all different kinds of popcorn.

Last but not least The Glass Forge, where as you can see from our pictures we had a lot of fun learning how to make glass. There is

sure a lot to it as you have to be ever so careful.  There were Blind George Bucks given out to the children.

And the weather was so nice, it was a good Sabbath day.


Church Outing: This year we went to Great Cats World Park: Located in Cave Junction Oregon. There has

been a lot of fires in our area and we were not sure if we could go or if the Park was open, but it was. When we went it was a VERY HOT day.

The Church paid for the Children’s tickets. We made a slide show of the cats we saw and we were able to have fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures.