Micah’s Miracle

Keeping with the previous prophets, Micah gives a warning to the people, but unlike the ones that come before him in the scriptures he also has more to say on the issue of hope for the faithful. I wonder if the saying “No news is good news” started way back during the time of prophets? If they weren’t speaking to give messages then things must be going pretty good, but if they were going around giving messages then you knew something was up and things were not as good as the people might have thought. For us bad news can be seen as good news, even though no one really likes to hear bad news. We all know that terrible things will be happening before Jesus’ return, so as things grow worse we know that we are that much closer to his return and the long awaited (at least in our time) establishing of God’s Kingdom. With all that said let us look at the messages that Micah was given to give to the people and see what we can learn from it.

Micah chapter one speaks of Samaria and Judah, but is our own nation somehow exempt from these same warnings? Do we suffer from graven images and idols? Our nations suffers similarly as spoken of in Micah 1:7 and they are incurable (Micah 1:9). He goes on to describe the people and how they behave in 2:1-2 and because of their action God would respond to them rightly as mentioned in 2:3-4. God says that His words do good for those that walk uprightly. If we then are followers of God then these words should not worry us as it would those that live contrary. Another thing for those that say they serve the LORD should ask themselves is “How comfortable does your spirit feel in a nation that sinned so greatly?” If we serve the LORD and are not troubled by these things then how far has our tolerance gone towards the wicked?

Micah also speaks of those that would prophecy “preach” of things that will be accepted by the people though they are falsehoods (Micah 2:11). He continues on in 3:2-3, 5-6 with graphic details on how horrible these men are that are blind spiritually and prophecy in vain. Micah also addresses those that are considered our leaders in 3:9, 11 and how they are even blinded in what they do thinking that nothing will happen to them.

Now that we have gotten through all these terrible things that God’s people have done (Look at our own “Christian” nation), there is still a messages of hope within Micah that those that do listen and follow after the LORD have been awaiting. Micah 4:1-2, 6-7 speaks of this hope this awaiting miracle that all that serve God desire. The gathering of His people, fellow brothers and sisters, a time of peace and the establishing of God’s law is what we long for. Micah chapter 5 speaks of Jesus’ first coming, 5:2-4, but we await his second with great expectation.

As Micah gets closer to closing we find in chapter 6 God is pleading with his people in 6:2-3, 8. God has done all that He can do and even does more to save His people and to try and turn them back from their error. God continues to try and save a remnant that truly seek Him. Micah’s words in 7:1-6 rings so true today and you can feel his anguish of what has become of the people, yet Micah holds on to his faith and trust in the LORD in 7:7-9.

I have called this sermon Micah’s Miracle because through all that God’s people has done and I speak of those that seek after and stumble from time to time He shows mercy, love and compassion on them, even though we know in our own hearts that He doesn’t have to show it. Our God that we serve and put our trust and faith in is not an angry unjust God, but a merciful and just God (Micah 7:18-19).

Let us rest a shored that we can place all of our trust in the LORD and that as long as we keep our eyes upon Him that He will redeem us in the end.