Sabbath Day

Roughly the first half of my life I spent going to church on Sundays. I went not based off of some kind of knowledge that I had gained, but it was just the day I grew-up going on. I believe most people are doing that same thing today. They observe Sunday not based off of some scriptural foundation, but it was what they grew-up with. That is one root cause of the observance of the wrong day. Another could be that people donít want to change because if they did or found out that Sunday is not the Sabbath that God wants His people to observe then that would mean that their parents were wrong and those before them.

You have three mainstream religions that observe a different Sabbath Day. Christians for the most part observe Sunday, while those that observe Judaism go on Saturday and Islamists observe Friday. So, with three major religions observing different days, which is the right day? The main underlying problem that most donít see or want to acknowledge is that Sunday and Friday primarily came about from wanting to distance them from those we call Jews or those who are Jewish in faith.

Just for a side note before getting into the whole misunderstanding of the Sabbath Day I will mention briefly another misunderstanding. Honestly I find the labeling of Judaism funny because itís an incorrect label of a religion and a people. Who were Godís people from of old? What was their religion called if it had a name? First one is easy to clarify. Godís people were known as Israelites not Jews. What we see today is but a small fraction of that nation and yet we label all of Godís people as Jews as if the others did not exist. Since we label them as Jew and not the correct title of Israel then their faith gets mislabeled as well. Judaism is what we call their faith because we call them Jews. Their faith isnít something new as if it only was around after the 10 northern tribes of Israel were taken away and scattered leaving behind mainly the tribe of Judah. Even during Jesusís time that area was known as Judea, which in turn those that lived there were known as Jews. If you think about it the faith of the Israelites never really had a name; they were known by the God they served and nothing else. Just think about what a powerful witness that would be to be known by the God you serve and not some religious church name. Too bad people donít know you by the God you serve. Now today itís hard to tell the difference between those in the World and those that go to church and profess to be servants of the LORD.

Godís people were the Israelites and any others that would join with them in worshipping Him, even those that may not have been blood related were also considered Israelites regardless of their previous ancestry. God made that clear in Isaiah 5:2-7. Any and all that will follow after Godís commandments are no longer outcasts or strangers. They are His people. Those that serve God and keep His Sabbath are thus Israelites. That may surprise some and others may not want to accept it, but if you observe the true Sabbath then youíre an Israelite. There is no escaping it for that is what God Almighty Himself has said.

Before I get to far off track letís get back to the Sabbath Day and what day are we supposed to observe today. When looking at the Old Testament it is UNDISPUTABLE that the seventh day was the Sabbath Day for Godís people. The seventh day was the Sabbath before it was written in stone on Mount Sinai. From the very beginning in Genesis 2:3 it is the only day that was blessed and sanctified. You wonít see that anywhere else spoken of for any other day. Then later God has it written in stone as well as stating in the commandment that you are to REMEMBER it (Exodus 20:8-11). Why God would tell us to remember it, you may ask. It is because we would later on try and change the Sabbath Day from what God wanted to what Mankind wanted. He knew that we would drift from His commands.

Is it that hard for people today to simply obey God or is it that people have gone so far astray that even the simplest command is hated by them and they are so rebellious that they had to change the Sabbath Day? I am afraid that is the case even if they donít think they are disobeying God. Just because people think something is right doesnít make it so. It must be disappointing to God to see people so willfully throw away His words as if Hi words were nothing.

I blame the leadership in the churches for this crime, for that is exactly what it is. They are teaching the breaking of one of Godís commandments, which is a crime. They will be held accountable for this and any blood that comes from those that do not make it because of their teachings.

Donít worry there are many out there that will teach that since Jesus rose on Sunday, which isnít true, that the day was changed. First I will make a point concerning the hypothetical idea that Jesus rose on Sunday. If he supposedly rose on that day and for some reason that caused the day to change then why didnít Jesus make that announcement concerning the change of the Sabbath? You know why, itís because it never did change regardless of the day that he rose on. Jesus didnít rise from the dead on Sunday anyways. Many Christians believe and have been taught that Jesus was crucified on Friday and buried before sunset. If that is the case then Jesus is not the Messiah but a world class con-man. At this moment you might think me ďmadĒ. Jesus said that there would be only ONE sign given to prove that he was the Messiah. That sign was the sign of Jonah (Jonas). Jesus states in Matthew 12:39-40 that as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a whale, so to would the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. If this is the only sign and it is taught that he was buried just before sunset Friday Jesus doesnít even come close to the sign that he gave, which means he would not be the Messiah. Simple as that, but then you have those that say ďOh it is parts of three daysĒ. Is that what Jesus said? Definitely not, He said three days and three nights. I will take his words over any manís words, especially when they are trying to get it to fit their beliefs.

Another attempt at trying to prove that Sunday is the Sabbath Day is by saying that since the disciples broke bread on the first day of the week it must mean that the day changed from Saturday to Sunday. Acts 2:7 speaks of them gathering and breaking bread on the first day of the week. Does this somehow change when the true Sabbath is? Let me see, if my salvation is dependent upon my relationship with Jesus and his Father, whose words am I going to follow? UhmÖ I will stick with God Almighty and His son Jesus when it comes to the matter of what I am supposed to be doing. The disciples breaking bread on the first day of the week changes nothing, except it tells us when they had done some things, and that they had gathered on that day. I am sure they gathered on many different days of the week, so does that mean there are many Sabbath Days throughout the week? No it doesnít because GOD set aside one day and only one day to be the Sabbath Day and that is the seventh day, Saturday.

It comes down to whom do you put your trust in, God or Man? (Jeremiah 17:5-8) If it is God then you will find yourself celebrating the Sabbath Day on Saturday and enjoying that day with God as He wanted us to. If it is Man then you will find yourself on either Friday or Sunday and being in opposition to God by breaking His commandment. It really isnít that hard of a choice.

I have always liked chapter 1 in Joshua, but I love his statement in chapter 15 where he says ďas for me and my household we will serve the LORD.Ē It is time for you to decide who you will serve.