What does God need from us?

We might think that Go doesnít need anything from us, especially since He is God and has everything He would ever need. Then you have us, this sinful race that seems to cause Him grief without end. What could He possibly ever need from us? When I first thought about this topic I couldnít see anything God would NEED from me. Maybe some things He might want from me, such as being obedient, but not really need. There is a Christian song that we have played at church that even says that God doesnít need anything from man.

To really answer the question of what God needs from us we need to better understand who God is to us. We might get caught up with what God provides for us or looking forward to the establishing of Godís Kingdom on earth and what joy it will bring. We give Him praise and worship and we give honor unto His son Jesus. We even look to God for answers for we know He is The Almighty; there is none like unto Him. How often do we see Him as our Father and not just call Him that as if that was His title? Do we see ourselves like His children or is that just another title we use?

For those that have children we want them to do well in life, we want them to listen and be obedient, just as God wants from us. Besides those things there is one thing we need from our children for our lives to be truly fulfilling and that is love.

Are we obedient to God because we know that is what He has asked of us or are we obedient because we truly love Him? If a Christian is asked that I would have to say that their first instinct is to say because of love, but is that the truth? If we being children of God profess to obey and follow because we love Him then why it is that Christians as a whole cannot simply follow the voice of their Father and do just as His son Jesus did? You know how far love will let that go donít you? Let me count the ways, first is that the day has changed, second is that law or ordinances were nailed to the cross, third is lets replace the Father with the son and say they are the same so we can avoid doing what the Father wanted, fourth is let us ignore the Holy Days that our Father has made for our enjoyment and replace them with unholy ungodly festivals that the world observed because do you not know that if we do it in a good way it turns the bad into good, fifth is that we need not repent (turn from our wicked ways) but just simply ask for forgiveness and carry on as if nothing happened, sixth is that you simply only have to believe that Jesus is the son of God and you will be placed within the hand of God where no man can remove you, forgetting that by your own actions you can remove yourself for when Jesus returns he will reward us according to our works (Revelation 22:12; Matthew 16:27).

Let us inspect ourselves and see if we truly love our Father in heaven or are we just giving him lip service.

Matthew 7:9-11(Your father knows what good things you need); Matthew 22:37 (Love your God); Luke 7:41-47 (forgiven of much then you love should be much) are we showing at least that level of love of what we have been forgiven of? John 5:30-47 it was never about Jesus but about his Father and if the words of our Father does not abide in us then how can we have the love of God in us?